10 ways to Relieve Labor Pain

Are you worried about labor pain? Have any fears of needles and worry about your rhythmic breathing technique going wrong? It’s okay! Here at Miracle in Progress, we are all mothers and can assist you with your worries of becoming a mother. With the collaboration of Lamaze, here are some helpful pain management techniques that you can try at home.

Raise your comfort levels with these hints and tips to cope with your pain and labor. First, decide who will be supporting you and what things you wish to have with you. Then, educate yourself about what you can do with your impressive body and mind during contractions. You’ll be amazed with the end result and learn about abilities you didn’t even know you had. That’s right. You’re superwoman!

Find your Zen
One of the most important aspects to think about is finding a secure and safe environment for your birth surroundings. It should have space to walk and have access to a nice relaxing bath, as well as a variety of furniture and devices to increase the amount movement you make and assist pain relief.

We recommend the following:

  • IPOD/CD Player
  • Rocking chair
  • Birth ball
  • Low stool
  • Squatting bar
  • Soft bed

If you need any advice, our midwives have extensive knowledge and are happy to assist you in any thoughts or concerns you have.

2. Choose Your Care Team Wisely
Knowledgeable, caring midwives, doctors, nurses, partners, loved ones and doulas create a supportive birth team. When you’re treated with patience, stress and inhibitions decrease dramatically, allowing you to produce the right coping mechanisms for you.

3. Facts about Labour
Knowledge is power and in terms of labour you really don’t want any nasty surprises. Our advice is to get stuck into books, videos, local classes, a hospital tour (this will make you feel more at ease because you will feel more comfortable in a surrounding you know) and discussions with your health-care provider, doula, family and friends.

Familiarise yourself with the procedures and customs at your hospital or birth centre, and ask about flexibility. Having these discussions will give you peace of mind and a greater benefit for your journey.

Have you ever thought of antenatal classes? With our lovely midwives you will be able to learn techniques such as understanding signs of labour, pain relief solutions and preparing to meet your little miracle.

4. Express Your Concerns and Fears!
Are you worried about pain and labor, needles, medicines or losing control? Speak with a knowledgeable and trusted friend, midwife or doula. Raising your concerns can bring relief as well as practical results to your concerns. Stating your preferences in a birth plan can also help calm your fears and tick one of your checkboxes.

5. Rhythmic Breathing Technique
To assist you, we have wrote down the rhythmic breathing technique so that you can practise at home and be prepared for when you go into labour.

Inhale and Exhale fully in a slow rhythm during contractions.

Release tension with each exhalation and try moaning.

Also try taking quick breaths, about one every 2 to 3 seconds (20 to 30 per minute). If you lose your rhythm, your partner needs to assist you to regain it with straight eye contact, rhythmic hand or head motions, or by talking you through contractions in a calm manner.

6. Use Imagery and Visualisation
Focusing on something that makes you content and possibly even humorous (like your partner’s face, an inspirational picture, favourite object or an event you are looking forward to attending). These acts will engage with your senses and decrease your awareness of pain due to the fact that your focus is on something else. Listen to your favourite playlist or podcast, a soothing mindfulness voice or a classic recording of ocean waves, and try to imagine yourself in a relaxing and content environment.

7. Take a Warm Shower or Bath
A warm shower is powerful as you will gain endorphins and tension will be released from your body, making you happier! Progress with this technique by sitting on a stool and position a handheld shower head onto your abdomen or back. Bathing in warm water can be calming and soothing, and it may even speed up labor.

8. Keep Moving
Move around as much as you can – trust us, you want to move!  Walk, lean, sway, rock and squat. Some positions will be more comfortable than others of course so you will have to try different positions and see what is the best fit for you.

9. Seek Relief with Warm or Cool Compresses
Place a warm pack on your lower abdomen, groin, lower back or shoulders during labor. A cold pack or latex glove filled with ice chips can soothe painful areas. Cool cloths relieve a sweaty face, chest or neck.

10. Indulge in Gentle Touch or Massage
Whether it’s someone holding your hand, stroking your cheek or hair, or patting your hand or shoulder, touch conveys reassurance, caring and understanding. Have your partner or doula massage you with light or firm strokes using oil or lotion.

Miracle in Progress was founded by qualified midwife and sonographer Joanna Proud in 2010. With 35 years experience in healthcare, maternity and midwifery. Miracle in Progress was founded to support women and their loved ones in every step of pregnancy, giving you peace of mind throughout your journey and give you support during pregnancy, labour and after birth assistance.

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