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10 Weeks Gender Confirmation Test

Find out the gender of your baby from 10 weeks of pregnancy! This also includes a reassurance scan to check the wellbeing and gestation of your baby.

10 weeks gender confirmation test
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Find out the gender of your baby from as early as 10 weeks!

We understand pregnancy can be a very exciting time for parents, especially if it is your first time being a mum. With the excitement levels rising as each week goes by, we know most mums will be itching to know the gender of their baby for many reasons such as planning the colour scheme of the nursery or purchasing all the cute baby clothes. It’s also just a nice feeling to put a gender to your baby, rather than referring it to as just the ‘baby’.

And now at Miracles in Progress, we’re offering you the chance to discover whether you are having a boy or girl from as early as 10 weeks gestation!

The process

A simple blood test taken from the mother, the Fetal DNA is then taken out of your blood to tell you the gender of your baby. With the test, we also offer a reassurance scan to check the well being and gestation of your baby to make sure everything is looking smoothly as possible.

Why choose Miracles in Progress?

  • No GP referral required
  • Baby gender tests are not generally available on the NHS
  • Price includes Reassurance scan
  • Same or next day bookings
  • Weekday or Saturday clinics

Price includes the gender blood test and a reassurance scan£269

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What our mothers say...

I've been to Miracle in Progress twice now, once for an early scan at 8w and one for a gender scan at 15+1 and both times i've had fantastic service with a smile.

Marie-Louise Brown

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What our mothers say...

Been here for a 6 week early pregnancy scan, a reassurance scan and today for a gender reveal! All 3 times we have been looked after and loved every minute of being here! They are lovely ladies who know what there doing! Even better to see our little baby lots of times! Will definitely be coming back for our 4d scan in few weeks!

Sam Davenport

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What our mothers say...

I came here for a gender scan at 16 weeks and 4 days pregnant. The lady who scanned me was very good, she checked baby all over and was very supportive to us after only recently losing our little precious angel last year. We were very happy with the scan photos too. A* we’d highly recommend this clinic.

Lucy Gardner

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