Amazing HD LIVE scan including gender confirmation, 1 colour photo and 1 black & white photo just £39!!! Offer valid for August only. If you would like to use this offer for Gender confirmation then you need to be 15 +4 weeks, HD images are very unlikely at this stage due to baby’s size. For HD images the best time is between 25 -35 weeks. This is a one chance scan only ,if baby is in a poor position then no rescan is possible, however babys measurements and well being will be included. Factors that will affect the scan is anterior placenta, raised BMI, baby in difficult position, low amount of fluid around the baby. Extra photos, DVD, memory sticks ,heartbeat bears, keepsake cushions may be purchased on the day. Please telephone 01509 508222 or email to book your appointment. 28 Hall Croft, Shepshed, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 9AN