6 Amazing Mum hacks for Newborns….. the stuff everyone assumes you just know!

1 – Forget fiddling with fasteners/buttons:

Notice those little flaps on the shoulders of almost every vest or babygrow? Those are specifically designed to aid you during the most horrendous newborn poo emergencies ….. lets face it we have all had them! These handy little flaps make it possible for you to simply slip said vest or babygrow over your baby’s head without the risk of poo smudge……. Life Saved!

2 – Use TWO nappies at one time when bum changing:

Changing nappies is a messy business, in fact it is a smelly, messy business. If you have a boy, your looking at level 10 messiness. But there is a simple little tip you can use to save yourself some hassle. When changing a dirty nappy ensure you place the clean one down first before laying baby and the dirty nappy on top. That way when you remove the dirty nappy, with the used wipes rolled up inside it, your new fresh nappy is there waiting patiently in position. No need to pin down those flailing legs!!

3 – Keep your house NOISY

Yes really!! You might personally need a very quiet environment to get off to sleep at night but your baby is going to rarely have this luxury during the day. Especially if this is not your first bundle of joy!! With this in mind we recommend doing everything possible to train your baby to sleep during noisy periods as well as those quiet times. So, get out the hoover, let the older kids play and encourage a normal volume from those very early days. That way you wont limit yourself to having to stay home during those precious nap times in the future when you really want to browse the shops.

4 – Ditch all of the “Must – Haves”

Seriously you don’t actually need a special thermometer that plays a tune or flashes when the bath has reached optimum temperature. Generations of Mum’s before us found that an elbow works just fine, however should you want the extra security the cheapest base models do the exact same job. There are so many products sold to new Mum’s as “Essential” and it is easy to fall in to the trap of buying every one. When in reality your probably only going to use one or two of them. Speak to you family, mum friends or research online and you’ll probably find a lot of it unnecessary. I like to ask myself “Did my Mum have this” if the answer is No, then do I really need it? However, that being said if it is a gadget that makes your life easier and ensures more time to sleep ….. 100% buy it! 

5 – Throw away all of your white clothes now

Nobody warns you before birth of the multitude of colours a baby is capable of producing in their nappy. Or the range of different substances they can stick to you from their mucky hands. I don’t care what anyone says there is simply no stain remover strong enough to get some of those messes out!! With this in mind I find choosing dark colours or highly patterned clothing a win going forwards.

6 – Let go of your expectations

Of course, your hoping to be a Supermum, we all start out like this but if you maintain this expectation you will probably just disappoint yourself and ultimately not enjoy baby’s first days. Forget the cleaning (I know it is hard), forget the perfect home cooked meals, let the ironing pile grow and most importantly give yourself permission to feel totally and utterly overwhelmed. Remember you didn’t know how to do your last job on the first day, so why expect yourself to know how to do this one today? Don’t listen to every single person that offers you “their most crucial piece of advice” because what worked for them won’t be the same for you, after all every baby is different.  Chose one family member or friend that you trust and confide in them for advice. Remember your perception of how other people are coping when behind closed doors is probably very far from the truth. In fact, the truth is every new Mum is essentially winging it and doing the best that they can to understand the needs of their new little one. You got this Mama!