Celebrating Mother’s Day in style with your unborn child

Even though your baby isn’t quite ready to celebrate with you in person, you are 100% a mother and deserve to have a day full of love and relaxation.

While you are pregnant, mother’s day can be a difficult day due to the build up of anticipation which can make you very impatient and make you wish that your little one is in your arms celebrating with you.

We want to assist your glorious celebrations of being a mother this Mother’s Day and rejoice in your magical body and your child/children that are on the way!

So, here are some top ideas to do this Mother’s Day:

1. Spa Day

Who doesn’t enjoy a good pamper session?

Reinvent your mood with a pedicure and give your feet the TLC that they desperately need. And what better occasion to have this done than Mother’s Day? If you are in the further stages of your pregnancy, a relaxing massage or pedicure will feel amazing and help to relieve those aches and pains.

2. Maternity Photoshoot

A photoshoot can show the beauty of your body while growing your baby and what better way to celebrate then having the opportunity to capture the moment.

Having the opportunity to get your hair and make up done by the professionals is also a big plus with this activity, as well as celebrating you and your growing family.

You may feel like your tummy will always be big but we promise you, it won’t be, so why not have an excuse to dress to impress and capture this beautiful moment.

3. Baby Box

If you are a crafty mother, you could design a memory box.

This will have special memories, photos, baby booties – the works!

Find creative ways to decorate your special moment’s box and include everything baby within it.

You could also add to the box every mother’s day with mother day pictures that your child has made you and little notes. Voila! An annual tradition has been created!

4. Journal

Journals provide a wonderful journey brought your pregnancy as you can write your experiences that you have undergone and even write letters to your unborn child, inserting aspects such as how you feel at the time, your hopes and dreams and how excited you are to finally meet them!

You could continue this journal and turn it into a family tradition, every mothers day you could add an annual section and when your child is old enough, they could continue to write in your journal. This could be a generation after generation activity and will be able to provide great memories and a beautiful reminder of the journey you are on with your child.

5. 3D/4D Scans

Scans produce an even stronger bond between you and your child as you can visually see your little miracle growing and saying hello on a screen.

With the wonders of today’s technology, you will be able to experience your unborn child’s world and will be able to see your baby doing various activities such as yawning, smiling and possibly even a cute hiccup before they are born.

With a 3d/4d scan, you would receive the perfect mother’s day gift – the gift of bonding and seeing your child before the big day.

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