Doula Services – £600

Your birth can be calm, peaceful and empowering with our Doula Services!


Doula Services


Our doulas. who are also registered midwives, offer education and emotional support throughout your pregnancy.  Therefore helping prepare you for birth. As doulas and midwives, we believe in the power of education and making informed decisions.

We fully support a woman’s personal choice on where and how to birth. Hospital, birth centre, and home births can all be beautiful settings with the right preparation.

We also specialise in providing a peaceful and conscious caesarean section. Which allows the mother to experience being an empowered participant. Additionally, our postpartum doulas and midwives are available to assist in mothering the baby after birth. Also helping the new family become acquainted with each other with calm and ease.

Miracle in Progress support clients from labour onset, during the birth up until mum and baby are settled. For more advice please contact Jo or Katie on 01509 508222 to discuss.