Ideas for a safe and fun Halloween during the COVID-19 pandemic

Winter is in the air, the days are getting shorter, and that means Halloween is right around the corner.

Yes, Halloween will look different this year, however, there are lots of safe and creative ways to have fun and celebrate at home with family and friends who are in your social circle.

Host a virtual costume party

Dress-up, make costumes, or put on a crazy wig and invite your child’s friends and family to a virtual costume party using one of many popular video chat apps. Make it fun and incorporate a dance party, sing-along, or parade around the house.

Decorate and carve pumpkins

One of Halloween’s best traditions is decorating and carving pumpkins. This can also be a fun outdoor and socially distanced activity for you and the people in your social bubble. Or, host a pumpkin decorating contest virtually using a video chat app.

Make fun and tasty Halloween treats

Instead of sweets this year, let your kids pick a few fun and Halloween-themed cookie or treat recipes to make.

Set up a candy hide-and-seek

Hide individually wrapped sweets throughout the house or garden, and let the children go and find them. Or, map out a scavenger hunt with clues to where you hid the sweets.

Go wild with the Halloween decorations

Decorating the house and garden isn’t just for Christmas. You can get creative and make your favourite Halloween creatures out of simple arts and crafts supplies.

Have fun with a Halloween piñata

Get a piñata to fill with individually wrapped sweets and hang it outside. Your kids can dress up in their favourite Halloween costumes and take turns hitting the piñata with a broom handle or bat until the sweets fall out. Take it a step further and make a piñata out of recycled material and art supplies to decorate as a spooky Halloween creation.