Harmony Tests

A safe, non-invasive test that measures fetal cells present in the mother's blood to produce a 99% accurate Down Syndrome screening result and fetal sex (if requested)


Available from 10 weeks gestation, simply attend our clinic for an accurate dating scan, provide a small blood sample and receive your result in under 7 working days.

The Harmony Prenatal Test is an advanced yet simple screening test to detect for Down Syndrome, Edwards and Patau’s in an unborn baby.

99% accurate detection rate for 3 most common anomalies and 100% accuracy on fetal sex (if requested)

Completely safe and non-invasive

No GP referral required Supersedes the nuchal, quadruple or integrated test

Useful to obtain a more accurate second opinion after a non-reassuring or a missed 12 week screening

Service performed by a highly qualified sonographer

Appointments available at short notice



You will receive:

  • Results in around 7 working days
  • Results from laboratory including fetal sex (if requested)
  • Complimentary black and white picture (normally £4.00)

What happens with your results?

We will call you no more than 10 days after your appointment to let you know your results and will send a report detailing your estimated risk and fetal sex (if requested)