How do 3D/4D scans actually work?

It is always such a joy to see parent and child bond in this form of experience. Scans give parents the true gift of sight and allows them to visually see their child in the womb on a live feed.

We have had many parents describe seeing their child as “magical, amazing and overwhelming” when experiencing our ultrasounds.

With the latest technology, you will be able to see a baby’s movements in the womb and even be able to visualise facial expressions.

One key factor that makes our scans truly amazing is that you can connect and see your baby in the womb MONTHS before they even arrive into your arms!

This is why we give this gift of 3D/4D scans. To offer the 1000’s of parents that come through our door the core opportunity of meeting their baby well before they are due, creating an even stronger bonding between mother and child.

It is one experience to feel your child kicking and seeing your baby move around but it is a whole other experience to not only see and feel them kicking but actually visualising actions such as your baby stretching or proceeding with a yawn! This provides such a positive impact on parents, forming that bond even stronger in the process.

Pursuing a 3D/4D scan will also reduce the level of stress you may have based on your baby’s current developments as your midwife will be able to state if there is anything to worry about.

This experience brings together both mother and child, as well as father and child, strengthening that bond and allowing parents to make the ultimate contact with their child before they are born.

So, how do these scans actually work?

2D Scans:

This form of ultrasound works by using both a control panel and a screen in which images of your child are then projected onto the screen with the use of a probe. This probe is designed to analyse your baby inner tissue and organs, making sure that your baby is healthy.

3D Scans:

A 3D scan will show your baby’s development by using 2D technology but going one step further. With 3D scans, you will be able to see angles of your child and not just a single angle of the side. This action is known as surface rendering and will create a vast number of interpretations of your child, creating an effective 3D image of your child and gives you instant access to see their developments first hand.

These scans will be able to give you rendered images that provide a more detailed image of your child, providing information such as body specifications and facial characteristics.

4D Scans:

Moving even deeper into technology is our 4D scans. These scans provide the same information of that of a 3D scan, but will be able to render images of your child many times per second, creating a ‘real time’ experience for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

This scan will be able to create not just images, but a video of your child in the womb.

By experiencing this scan, you will be able to create the ultimate bonding experience with your child, being able to visualise them in real time will create an experience you will never forget.

The ultimate bonding experience

It comes as no surprise that expecting parents are proceeding with 4D scans – making sure that they are using the latest technology to check for health stability and body functionality within their child.

There are many benefits of using all three styles of scans, with 4D scans, however, you provide the ultimate experience for not only yourself but your family and friends to share with you and your child. These scans can provide an increase in family bonding and paternal instincts.

We are trained midwives, who are also mothers so we don’t just have the extensive experience, but the passion and lifestyle the will give you the ultimate experience and advice out there. If you are unsure which scan you wish to proceed with – all you need to do is contact us and our team will be more than happy to advise you on the best option for you and your child.

Finding a 3D/4D scan service

As qualified professional midwives, we are able to give you same day/next day appointments and a team of friendly and experienced midwives who use the latest technology and provide the comforting facilities you require.

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