What factors may impact the quality of my Ultrasound images during a 3D/4D Scan at Miracle in Progress?

Are you currently booked for an appointment with us to see you’re Mini Miracle in 3D/4D Technology? We genuinely hope your excited and we cannot wait to meet you and your families and give you these amazing memories to last a lifetime. 

That being said we pride ourselves on being transparent about the services we offer and many of our clients don’t realise there are actually several factors that can impact the quality of the scan images produced during your appointment with us. 

Although only tiny, babies totally have their own mind and are using it from day one, they are often in control and decide whether or not they are feeling photogenic that day. We try where possible to encourage these strong-minded bubbas but unfortunately there is no hard and fast “Trick of the trade” that works every time. We do recommend a sugary drink/snack before your appointment in a bid to encourage movement however this is not always a failsafe solution. This is one of the main factors that can impact the achievable quality of images during an appointment however let’s take a look at some more;

Other factors can come into play such as the shape and size of your body – for example, if you are a small frame with a tiny, neat bump….. (Lucky you) then your baby may be slightly more cramped and neatly tucked up inside. For obvious reasons this can sometimes cause difficulty in achieving quality images of your babies face in 4D. That being said you do look amazing throughout pregnancy rather than me who sported the “Beached Whale” look….. every cloud has a silver lining!

In addition to this, and perhaps the most common… Anterior Placenta (Your placenta sits across the front of your tummy rather than around the back). You may or may not already know if you have an Anterior Placenta, sometimes this can affect the amount of movement Mum is able to feel from baby throughout pregnancy. In addition to movement it can also have a strong effect on how easy it is for our Sonographers to see all angles of your baby and show you images of the same. 

Why? Because ultrasound works by sending sound waves from the Transducer on your tummy through to the baby and back again. The more tissue the sound waves have to penetrate through on the way to the baby the more the signal fades causing blurred/reduced quality images. Therefore, a placenta placed at the front of the tummy means the transducer must carry the sound waves through the normal stomach tissue AND the placenta in order to reach the baby. This means that sometimes you may not achieve the picture perfect 4D image of baby’s adorable button nose you were hoping for and perhaps more a very clear and precise 4D image of a foot!

Finally, your fluid levels within the womb can also have an effect on the images achieved. In order to obtain a clear image our highly trained Sonographers will aim to find a large pocket of fluid close to your baby’s little face which helps them to create the clear images. That being said if there is less fluid and as a result baby is face planting the placenta it can become more difficult to produce those picture-perfect images.

At Miracle in Progress we are aware that these memories are precious and few and far between. Please rest assured that our Sonographers are qualified to the highest standard and have not only completed the relevant master’s degrees in their fields they have then gone on to specialise in Ultrasound by participating in further education. With this in mind they will endeavour where possible to achieve the images they know you want to see but please bear in mind due to the reasons above this is sometimes out of their control. 

We do however have a policy in place to try to avoid disappointment of offering one free rescan at a later point to effectively “Try again” on another day. We do this free of charge to try and appease those customers disappointment who were so hoping for that perfect image to show to family and friends. Unfortunately, sometimes even second time around we don’t succeed and you now have two amazingly clear photos of your precious miracle’s foot!

In this scenario your original charged appointment still stands – this is due to the Sonographers time taking to conduct your appointments and this is clearly identified within our consent forms signed by each client upon visiting our Clinic. 

So, in short, the moral of the story is yes of course you will see beautiful 4D images online which are certainly achievable…… but not with every baby.  We will always try our best to achieve these images however our priority will always remain ensuring your babies health and wellbeing. 

We were once told “I’m not bothered about listening to the baby’s heartbeat I just want to know the gender” please understand our Sonographers have a job to do and they are there to ensure your child’s safety and follow a strict protocol.  They will always put health before cute photos and we support them 100% in doing so!

If you or anyone you know has any concerns or questions relating to an upcoming appointment at Miracle in Progress please don’t hesitate to call or email us and we will do our best to answer your queries. 

In the meantime; we look forward to welcoming you and your growing bump to our lovingly run, professional Clinic.

The Miracle in Progress Team!