Making a lockdown birthday special!

As we are all facing another lockdown with no end in sight, we thought we would share some fantastic ideas for making your little ones lockdown birthday as special as possible.

There won’t be a birthday party and if you had one booked you will have to cancel it and possibly not get your money back!  There also won’t be family coming over and lots of fuss being made so there is a potential for your child to feel a bit down about it, but not with these kids lockdown birthday ideas.

Present Treasure Hunt

Making the present element of the day take longer can really inject some excitement to an at home birthday.  Let’s be honest this is the bit they are most excited about, so try designing a treasure hunt with presents hidden around the home.  For younger children it could just be done on a hot and cold basis and for older children you could write cryptic clues that they have to work out before running to find the next clue and so on until they reach the gift.

Spread out present time

As an additional part of the treasure hunt idea I suggest splitting present time up so that more of the day is utilised.  Try giving presents from you in the morning, do the treasure hunt for smaller gifts after lunch and then have a birthday zoom call with their grandparents just before dinner and open the presents from them during that call.  Spreading this out really keeps the excitement going throughout the day

Lockdown Crepe Paper Obstacle Course

All you need is crepe paper and blutack.  You cut strips of the crepe paper and then stretch it across the hallway so that they have to work their way through it to get to their birthday presents

Kids Lockdown Birthday Menu Planning

Try letting the birthday child set the menu for the day on their birthday.  If you are going to do this then be prepared for healthy eating to go out the window for one day, but it will make the day feel special for them if they allowed to eat things they couldn’t normal. 

Breakfast:  Pancakes and Honey

Lunch:  crisps and ham sandwiches, pizza, bacon sandwich

Dinner:  Fishfingers and chips, pasta pesto, pizza

Family and Friends Zoom

Try two candle blowing out sessions via a scheduled Zoom sessions; one with friends and then another with family. 

Build them a kids lockdown birthday den

The plan is to surprise your little ones with a movie night and a sleepover ‘party’ in the living room with their brother and sister or just mum and dad.

Crepe paper hair dye

We all know little girls love mermaids and unicorns. Why not give them special birthday hair by using crepe paper to dip dye the ends.