Our recent inspection carried out by CQC

So, who is the CQC? Well they are the independent regulator of Health and Social care in England.

Why are they important? They make sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate and high-quality care and they encourage improvement in services such as the ones we provide.

The CQC regulate a vast array of different businesses and services that fall within the Health and Social care spectrum and Miracle in Progress have now been registered and working alongside them for a number of years.

There are a number of different regulations that any business must meet and be able to evidence they adhere to in order to achieve a respectable grading from any CQC inspection.

CQC carry out their inspections unannounced and will inspect all areas of the business and ask any questions they feel necessary upon the inspection.

At Miracle in Progress our most recent inspection report was published in December 2019 and we are proud to announce we were given a performance level overall of GOOD.

Some of the positive comments received in the full report were as follows:

“Staff were experienced, qualified and had the right skills and knowledge to meet the needs of women”

“Staff were discreet and responsive when caring for women. Staff took time to interact with women and those close to them in a respectful and considerate way. During our inspection, we saw staff immediately build a rapport with women and families, encouraging a calm and reassuring environment. All staff treated women with dignity and respect and provided compassion throughout their scan journey”

“Women said staff treated them well and with kindness. We spoke with three women and people who accompanied them. They all spoke positively of the service and described their experience as good. One woman we spoke with had used the service for her previous pregnancy and even though they had moved 20 miles away, they decided to return for their second pregnancy”

“The receptionists were polite and friendly towards women and clearly explained appointments to women and what to expect”

“Patients gave positive feedback about the service. We saw there had been 96 positive comments since May 2019 about care received on various forums, including social media and paper-based reviews. For example, we saw comments including “I love this place they are brilliant amazing people “, “all the staff are really friendly” and “person centered, safe, caring environment where you feel relaxed and at ease”.

The full report is available to view on the CQC website by following this link:


We are very proud of the recent inspection result and feel incredibly grateful to be entrusted with the privilege of witnessing all of our client’s unborn babies grow from one week to the next.

The Miracle in Progress vision statement as registered with the CQC is as follows:

Our Vision

The vision for Miracle in Progress is to be the leader within our region, in private scanning for women, babies and their families.

Our aims – We see

To achieve our vision, we aim for the best in everything that we do whether that is making sure our clients are as safe as possible and have the best experience possible or whether that is in the development of our staff and the management of our resources.

. To develop a well led, capable and motivated workforce

. To be ambitious and efficient and make best use of available resources

. To deliver safe services

. To deliver the best possible experience for all clients and staff.

Our values – We care and we learn

The values that are important to us at Miracle in Progress are based around the needs of our clients and our staff. The behaviors we encourage in all of our staff are to make sure that our values are delivered every day in the same way.

. CARE – we show that we care about people

. AMBITION – we want the best for people

. RESPECT – we value the differences and talents of people

. ENGAGE – we involve people in how we do things

. LEARN – we learn from people past, present and future

At Miracle in Progress we will continue to work alongside The Care Quality Commission in the future years in a bid to further improve the services we offer.

Are you currently Pregnant or trying to conceive? For more information on the services we offer please take a look around our website or feel free to contact us to discuss your needs further.