Placenta Remedies – From £50

We are fully qualified placenta remedies specialists and offer a full service from a supplying a full pack for your placenta to be put in at birth, to the collection of your placenta and delivery of your chosen remedy.


 Placenta Remedies



This is Ancient medicine for modern mamas. It makes sense. Your placenta is combusting with iron, hormones, and nutrients that offer a priceless resource for postpartum recovery. We are proud to offer the highest standards in placenta medicine preparation and are honored to serve so many Miracle in Progress families!

With our service, you have all the options and control and none of the hassle or interruption. Your placenta is collected from you and processed in our very own clinic while you recover and bond with your baby and the finished capsules are hand delivered to you with dosage recommendations.

Our placenta medicine service is all-inclusive from pick-up to drop-off. Performed by trained midwife Joanna Proud and Remedy specialist Kat Kinch, all placenta processing is completed in a professionally built area within our clinic that meets both medical and restaurant standards in safety and cleanliness with sterilized equipment. We provide a range of options to meet your medicinal needs.

Our Prices

Placenta Capsules  – £200

Placenta Smoothie  – £50

Placenta Balm  – £35

Placenta Essence  – £55

Placenta Tincture  – £75

Placenta Cream  – £75


Please call us on 01509 508 222 to discuss your requirements.