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Explore our comprehensive range of products and packages from our one of a kind memory boxes to 4D ultrasound scans.

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Create unforgettable pregnancy memories

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences in a woman’s life, and we believe you should enjoy every single moment of it.

Our comprehensive range of products and packages offer the latest 4D ultrasound scans that allow you to capture amazing moments in your little one’s world, which you can take away and share with loved ones.

Whichever package you decide, we will always be on hand for any advice and support to ensure you have a comfortable and memorable experience.

Video Memory Boxes

  • One of a kind Video Memory Boxes
  • Share and keep your most precious moments
  • Build a unique video of your baby and even add music
  • Rechargeable
  • Only available at Miracle in Progress
  • Click here to view the video…


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Early Pregnancy / Reassurance Scan

From 6 weeks gestation to full term. Includes: full well-being check & estimated due date and 4 printed images.

*Same day NHS referral to your chosen hospital if required*


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Gender Reassurance Scan

From 15 weeks gestation to full term. Includes: full well-being check and measurements and 3 printed images. PLUS a gender reveal balloon/cannon


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3D/4D Reassurance Scan Package

3D available throughout pregnancy. 4D recommended from 26 – 35 weeks gestation. Includes: full well-being check and measurements. 4 printed images. Using the latest HD & Silhouette technology and all photos and video clips taken are sent directly to your mobile phone!


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Fetal Anomaly Scan

From 18 weeks and 4 days – 24 weeks gestation. The anomaly scan is performed by a qualified, experienced Sonographer who specialises in this area. The scan will show fetal anatomy including lips, nose, legs, feet, heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys, bladders, umbilical cord and placenta.


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The Ultimate Scan Package

A total of four scans throughout your pregnancy:

Scan 1 – Early Pregnancy Scan from 6 weeks gestation.

Scan 2 – Gender Confirmation Scan from 15 weeks.

Scan 3 – 4D HD Scan from 26 weeks gestation.

Scan 4 – Late presentation scan from 36 weeks.

Price also includes a Video Memory Box to be updated throughout your journey & available exclusively at Miracle in Progress.


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Endometrial & Follicle Tracking Ultrasound Fertility Scans

These scans are used to accurately predict when ovulation is anticipated to take place in order to maximise the chances of natural conception. We will examine the endometrium to monitor the thickness and lining of the womb.

With follicle tracking we can examine and measure the size of any active follicles in the ovaries that contain an egg. This usually involves 1 – 3 scans usually commencing around day 7-9 following your last menstrual cycle. If you are undergoing fertility treatment your clinic will advise you when these scans are required. Please note the majority of the above examinations are performed transvaginally and a full bladder is not required. A full report can be provided to your chosen clinic upon request.

1 Scan £60 / 3 Scans £160

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Group B Strep Test

A Group B Strep (GBS) test checks for the presence of a harmful bacteria that causes life threatening infections in newborn babies. Tests will need to be carried out from 35 weeks gestation onwards.


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Harmony Blood Test

Available from 10 weeks gestation, simply attend our clinic for an accurate dating scan and provide a small blood sample at the same time. Results are then available 7-10 working days from the sample draw date. The Harmony Prenatal Test is an advanced yet simple screening test to detect for Down Syndrome, Edwards and Patau’s in an unborn baby. This test is completely safe and non-invasive for baby it is also incredible accurate and can determine baby’s gender from 10 weeks.

No GP referral needed and appointments available at short notice.


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Further Gynaecology Blood Services available.

For more information or to discuss your requirements please contact us.

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  • Gender Reveal Balloons – £15.00
  • All Images / Video clips sent to a mobile phone – £15.00
  • Heartbeat Bears – £30.00
  • Video Memory Bears – £34.99
  • Video Memory Boxes – £39.99

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What our mothers say...

I've been to Miracle in Progress twice now, once for an early scan at 8w and one for a gender scan at 15+1 and both times i've had fantastic service with a smile.

Marie-Louise Brown

All reviews

What our mothers say...

Been here for a 6 week early pregnancy scan, a reassurance scan and today for a gender reveal! All 3 times we have been looked after and loved every minute of being here! They are lovely ladies who know what there doing! Even better to see our little baby lots of times! Will definitely be coming back for our 4d scan in few weeks!

Sam Davenport

All reviews

What our mothers say...

I came here for a gender scan at 16 weeks and 4 days pregnant. The lady who scanned me was very good, she checked baby all over and was very supportive to us after only recently losing our little precious angel last year. We were very happy with the scan photos too. A* we’d highly recommend this clinic.

Lucy Gardner

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Miracle in Progress COVID-19 Update

Miracle in Progress are following all recommended government guidelines to help protect our clients, staff and local community. Face coverings are now mandatory for all guests of the clinic and we ask that only 1 adult guest accompanies your appointment, unfortunately no children. All appointments that are booked in are for reassurance only, and appointment times will be shorter. Should you be suffering with any of the COVID-19 symptoms unfortunately you will be unable to attend your appointment and we would ask you to contact us on 01509 508222. We thank you for your continued support and should you have any questions please contact a member of the team on 01509 508222 or info@miracleinprogress.co.uk