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Welcome to another Questions & Answers Blog by Miracle in Progress. Thank you to everyone who has been sending in Questions. In this Q&A blog we look at mood swings and what they mean, oil verses stretch marks and finally which brand of bottle feed should you be using.

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  • I had my baby 7 days ago and am experiencing low moods, my midwife reassured me these are normal.  I had depression a number of years ago and am panicking myself that I’m going to go down the same path.  I love my baby so much why do I feel I’m not coping??

Congratulations on the birth of your baby, being a new mum is exciting but also a challenging life changing event both physically and mentally. You may have been reassured that emotional highs and lows are normal within the first few days of your baby coming home, this is often referred to as the baby blues.

You can experience moments of being very happy to minutes later crying and feeling like you cannot explain your tears.  The reasons for this is usually due to the dramatic drop in your pregnancy hormone levels as well as sleep deprivation, changes in eating habits and support mechanisms.  Most new moms will experience the above within the first few days or weeks after having a baby and generally feel back to normal again soon after.

For ladies who have had past episodes of depression or other mental health related illnesses that are feeling low soon after having a baby, I recommend discussing your feelings with your midwife, health visitor or GP.  It is important you discuss your feelings as early as possible, for many the apprehension of becoming depressed postnatal maybe a topic you discuss in pregnancy so necessary referrals can be put in place.  In this circumstance your previous history and current concern is enough to warrant highlighting with a healthcare professional.

As it is still early days you may start to feel better in a few days.  I also recommend you accept all offers of support from friends and family with other children, the washing and or with chores your feel need to be done around the house.  Eat and drink well taking care of yourself and spend sometime dedicated to regular rest periods in the day if being kept awake with your little one at night.


  • My friend had her baby in London and was advised to oil her vagina from 34 weeks to help stretch when she gave birth.  When giving birth she didn’t need any stitches so is there any evidence to suggest it works?

Thank you for your question on this subject. I would like to highlight that perineal massage in the antenatal period is both safe and well researched as a beneficial activity used to improve perineal outcome during childbirth.

The technique used is to oil and massage the vaginal entrance, 2cm into the vagina and along the perineum which is the skin between the vagina and anus.  With clean hands and either almond oil if you do not have a nut allergy or baby oil.

The procedure can be performed from 34 weeks every evening with a view to moisten, hence prevent or reduce the incidence of tearing.  There are some NHS trusts that provide routine advice and complimentary oil to all pregnant women.  There are no negative side effects other than you are required to have clean hands and be prepared to facilitate the massage.

If you require any further information there are lots of positive pieces of information on the internet under the heading of ‘PERINEAL MASSAGE’, but would recommend discussing with your midwife if unsure of what to do or when to start.


  • I’m having my first baby and definitely know I will want to bottle feed my baby.  However, I am totally blown away with the brands on the market and don’t know which one to go for.  Is there a better one?  I don’t know I just what the best milk I can find?

There are lots of new moms or moms to be who make an informed decision that they want to bottle-feed before they get pregnant or before their baby has arrived.  This is your baby and your journey and hope you are being supported by your midwife.

It really is the same, as most products baby related.  Different brands will add various slight differences in their product to make it stand out from other competitors.  The baby milk market is worth billions of pounds and there are a number of efforts such as labelling, price, adverts and sleeping baby pictures that will try to convince you their product is the best.

The majority of new moms opt for a familiar brand, maybe something a friend or family member have used.  There is no such formula milk that is known to be better or worse for your baby and recommend you opt for the one you feel more comfortable with.

There is a fact that some babies do sometimes prefer a certain brand to others so if your baby is not settling with the feed or experiences reflux there are brands that promote an organic or thicker feed to stay down.  Your best bet is to try one and go from there.  If your baby tolerates the formula and is gaining weight hence reaching milestones then you have found a perfect artificial nutritional source for your baby.


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