Should we go ahead with a harmony test during early pregnancy?

Announcing a pregnancy is such an exciting time for many mothers, but when is the right time to share your happy news with your surrounding loved ones? Some parents like to wait until the dating scan before making it known to the world whilst others may decide to announce their pregnancy to close friends and family as soon as they know. Either way, there is no right or wrong and it is very much dependent on what you feel comfortable with.

Why do some parents wait?

It can be for a variety of reasons, from wanting to wait until a certain period of pregnancy is over or until certain tests have been completed. Generally, some parents wait until tests conducted at the dating scan have been completed, which based on NHS guidelines includes testing for Downs Syndrome, Patau and Edwards.

If at the dating scan your sonographer or midwife is unable to retrieve a clear view to complete the Downs Syndrome test, you may be offered a second scan by the NHS. If this fails, alternative options are available. In addition, if you are seeking confirmation based on results received and require further testing, you may choose to complete a Harmony Test privately.

What is the Harmony Test?

The Harmony test is an optional but popular choice of prenatal testing which is performed to detect genetic abnormalities such as Downs Syndrome, Edward’s and Patau. This test is performed by investigating your baby’s DNA within the bloodstream, testing trisomy elements. 

The harmony test has shown to provide results with a 99% accuracy rate. Whilst no test is guaranteed to deliver 100% accurate results, the harmony test is generally seen as a sound indicator when testing for trisomy forms.

A trisomy is a chromosomal disorder that differs from the usual 2 chromosomes and provides 3 instead and with this test, you will be advised on where your baby places on the spectrum and to aid your understanding, below are the trisomy elements.

  • Downs syndrome – trisomy 21
  • Edwards syndrome – trisomy 18
  • Patau syndrome – trisomy 13

How accurate are the results?

Even though this test has a 99% success rate, unfortunately, it can’t identify every trace of the above trisomys.

When should I have the Harmony Test?

We recommend taking your test between 10 and 12 weeks of your pregnancy, due to the fact that you may need further testing if the results are positive.

Is it essential to take the test? 

Like many prenatal tests and precautions, The Harmony test is optional.

This test is aimed to be conducted early on within your pregnancy and by doing so, you will be able to gain peace of mind on the condition of your baby.

Where can I have a Harmony test? 

Here at Miracle in Progress, we provide our harmony tests with our highly qualified sonographer, who will be able to undertake your early pregnancy scan and blood test. With our qualified team, you will be able to receive your results in less than 7 working days for your peace of mind. 

Have questions? We hoped you would! 

Contact our team who will be able to answer any questions you have regarding your harmony test as well as book your consultation, at your convenience.