Strangest old wives tales to predict baby’s gender!

Whether you are planning on keeping your baby a surprise until it is born or finding out the gender of your baby through an ultrasound scan, it is an exciting time for expectant mothers to be!

If you’re one of those mummy’s that just can’t until the baby arrives, we offer gender scans to reveal the gender of your baby.  From as early as 15 weeks gestation, you can discover if you’re having a boy or a girl with 99.9% accuracy.

Of course, you may have heard of many old wives tales that predict the gender.. and although they are not scientifically proven, we thought we’d share some of the most surprising tales we’ve heard of so far!

The ring swing

One of the popular tales that have been going around is if you tie your ring through a piece of string and dangle it over your belly, and if it swings side to side, legendary says you are having a daughter. But if it is swinging in a circular motion then it’s a boy!

And if it couldn’t get any stranger…

Salt test

If you sprinkle salt on a pregnant woman’s head while she is sleeping (obviously not too much to wake her up!) and when she wakes up, if the first name she says is a man’s name it will be a boy, and a women’s name if it will be a boy.

Body clues

Old wives claim that if you are having a girl, she’ll steal your beauty. So if you covered with spots and have dull hair you know why. If you’re experiencing glowing skin you’re having a boy.

Do the maths

This is another famous tales that dates back 700 years. Start with the age you were when you conceived, and the year your baby was conceived… and if both numbers are even or add, it’s a girl. If only one number is even and the other odd, then it’s a boy!


According to superstition, if you’ve been getting many sweet cravings such as ice cream, chocolate and cake, then you’re likely to have a girl. Any salty of sour cravings reveal you are expecting a boy.

The Key test

Another weird test is if you place a key in front of a pregnant woman and ask her to pick up and she picks it up at the narrow end, she is having a girl. If she picks it up by the rounder end, she is having a boy.


Most women take their time to adjust to their new baby weight and often feel a bit clumsy when walking. Old wives tales say if you are clumsy when walking around, then it’s a girl, and if you are a graceful walker then it’s a boy.