Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy Signs

When a pregnancy is suspected following missed periods and or positive tests, this can be a time of mixed emotions and sometimes worry. It can be accepted that every pregnancy is different and signs and symptoms may differ.

Whilst some pregnancies can continue with very limited concerns, others may have an indication that the journey may benefit from an early pregnancy review.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Symptoms such as bleeding, pain or lack of pregnancy symptoms are often a collection of complaints that worry expectant parents to be. As professionals, we accept that any bleeding in early pregnancy can be indicative of a threat and must be treated as a need for an urgent review.
  • Bleeding can present as brown, pink discharge on wiping or more offensive bright red clots. Pain can often be experienced either on one or both sides of the abdomen or groin area and yet again can be suggestive of complications that may require a scan depending on its severity.
  • Loss or lack of pregnancy symptoms such as nausea or tiredness at around 12-13 weeks This is due to a sudden drop in the pregnancy hormone HCG, a time when the placenta takes over to assist in the foetuses growth. Irrespective of the different experiences in early pregnancy, women are usually heightened by the aforementioned signs and symptoms and seek professional advice.

How we can help!

Here at Miracle in Progress, we offer early pregnancy scans from 6 weeks. It is this stage we can confirm the location of the pregnancy, the estimated gestation and foetal heart. During the scan, every client is provided with reassurance and if any concerns are raised, a fast referral system is in place for you to be seen at your local NHS hospital.

The alarm of bleeding or pain in early pregnancy can encourage ladies to present at their local Accident and Emergency unit. We recommend that if ladies are experiencing severe pain and or bleeding that they are not able to control at home, then it is most certainly advisable to present at your local hospital.

There are no provisions for routine scanning for threatened miscarriage and often ladies are left frustrated that are they are presented with an appointment for a scan days later and no confirmation as to whether the pregnancy is still continuing.

Miracle in Progress offers same-day emergency appointments that can provide peace of mind and a bespoke midwifery service when you need it the most. Our experienced staff are here for you for when you need us the most!