What should you avoid during pregnancy?

The beginning of your pregnancy is an exciting time as you start making the changes for a new chapter of your life to begin.

During these early stages, lots of soon to be parents have questions that are normal and expected, there’s no question that you should be embarrassed to ask, and there’s no question that will go unanswered; you will always have a medical professional available to answer any questions you have.

A common question that we get asked a lot is what to avoid during pregnancy? You would have heard the obvious, but there are some things that you wouldn’t necessarily think would cause a risk to you or your baby.

Foods to Avoid

Deli Meat – Cooked meats found in pre-made sandwiches and salads can contain listeria. Listeria is a bacterial disease that can survive in the placenta which can be very harmful to your unborn baby.

Raw Eggs – Can contain salmonella, you should avoid any foods that contain raw eggs such as cookie dough and cake batter.

Fish and Seafood –  It is widely known that pregnant women should not consume seafood as it is a perfect host for bacterial diseases. What you may not know is that fish with high levels of mercury, such as, mackerel and swordfish can affect your babies brain development.

Soft Cheese & Unpasteurised Diary-  As with deli meats, soft cheeses and unpasteurized dairy can contain listeria which can lead to food poisoning. Pregnant women are at an increased risk of food poisoning and should avoid unpasteurised foods and juices.


Clean lifestyle

It is very important to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle while carrying your baby. Exposure to alcohol and second-hand smoke can cause serious effects on your babies’ development and can cause conditions such as physical abnormalities, behavioural problems, and development delays.

 It is very important that you avoid the below

  • Smoking
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol

Keep your temperature at bay

While hot tubs are relaxing it is recommended that pregnant women avoid them as it can increase your blood pressure and body temperature which can harm your growing baby.

Warm baths are a safer alternative to suit your aches and pains although you should never overheat yourself.

Lay off the housework

Nesting is an important part of motherhood and as your baby grows the need to create a safe environment for your baby to live in is natural, and natural is exactly what you should stick to! Inhaling chemicals and solvents is dangerous for everyone, more so when you’re pregnant. stick to natural cleaning products, such as distilled vinegar and natural soaps to ensure your nest is spotless for your new arrival.

It may also be very enticing to paint the nursery, however, leave this to other members of the family as paints can have high levels of solvents that when inhaled can harm you and your baby.

Remember being pregnant only lasts for 9 months, so as many of the things listed above may sound tempting it is important to avoid or reduce these factors to ensure your baby’s development remains healthy and strong.

If you like to see how your baby is growing, book in for a 3D scan and say hello to your little one today.