Which scan is right for you?

2D, 3D, 4D… Draw!

The first cycle of your pregnancy can go flying by in an instant, whilst you adjust your life of becoming a mother and expecting an addition to your family!

When speaking to your parents or grandparents, they will tell you that the choice of scans was rather limited back in their day – but today it’s a different story.

Technology today has excelled and it is now possible to have a selection of scan choices from 2D, 3D and 4D.

Many parents decide quickly which scan they would like to proceed with but it can be a tricky decision for others, depending on their personal preference.

To assist you with your thought process, we thought we would share our views and explain the different options you have, to meet your little one on the big screen!

2D Scan

A 2D scan is the traditional form of a scan during a pregnancy and this form of image is a back and white image that shows the skeleton of your baby (Think of an x-ray).

This image will also show your baby’s internal organs and will allow your chosen midwives who are trained in the art of sonography to check the well-being of your baby and if you don’t wish to keep it as a surprise – you can also find out the gender of your baby as well!

3D Scan

A 3D scan will show your little one in a more defined light compared to that of a 2D scan. You will be able to visualise your baby in skin form, rather than receiving an internal shot.

When you are receiving a 3D scan, your midwives will be able to point out the facial definitions of your baby face and you will also be able to see your baby expressing themselves such as yawning and moving within your womb.

When ending your scan, you will be given a copy of the image of the scan.

4D Scan

4D scans take it one step further by producing actual video footage of your baby instead of occurring images. This can be a real treat for soon to be parents as you will be able to see your baby in real time.

In addition to the video, your midwife will be able to check your baby for any medical conditions, can analyse your baby growth, the gender of your baby, the position of your placenta and even your baby’s appearance amongst many other aspects.

There are a few paths you can go down when it comes to seeing your baby for the first time and throughout your scanning journey and we are sure that you will be in awe of the results.

A scan is very important for both you and your midwife as scans assist us to identify any causes for concerns but to also guarantee the safety of your baby in your womb.

Scans will give you the insight scoop into how your baby sees their current world and is one of the most treasured bonding experiences you and your child can experience together. 

Did you enjoy this blog? Let us know and tell us what scan you decided to choose with us.

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